June 7-9, 2024

Manufactured Housing Opens the Door to Homeownership

There is simply no substitute for owning your own home. Manufactured homes put the American Dream within reach for millions of families.


Manufactured homes are often much less expensive than renting an apartment or purchasing a site-built home.

The median household income of someone who lives in a manufactured home is around $35,000 – while the median household income of a site-built homeowner is around $76,000.


Unlike site-built homes, which are subject to numerous differing state and local regulations, manufactured homes are built to a uniform federal
preemptive code, the HUD Code.

The HUD Code provides a single uniform regulatory framework for design and construction of manufactured homes, including standards for health, safety, energy efficiency and durability.

Manufacturers can ship homes across state lines and achieve economies of scale that bring high quality, affordable homes to millions of people.


Manufactured homes have been shown to provide the same appreciation and wealth-building attributes as site-built homes, but at a much more affordable price.

A Lending Tree study showed that the median value of manufactured homes appreciated similarly to site-built homes over a five year period
(from 2016 to 2021).


85% of new manufactured homebuyers are satisfied or very satisfied with their home and 72% would recommend living in a manufactured home to others.

Residents value homeownership and the affordability of manufactured homes.

The top five features that drive purchasing decision are affordability (70%), energy efficiency (53%), additional space (49%), stand-alone homes (46%), and outdoor space (45%).