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Accredited Community Manager (ACM®)
The Accredited Community Manager (ACM®) is sponsored through MHI member associations and/or companies that own and operate manufactured home communities and are members of their state associations. The ACM® program consists of two courses, the first lasting three and one-half days and the second lasting two and one-half days. The ACM® program is a comprehensive study of manufactured home community management topics. This program covers a broad range of manufactured home community management topics to include: management and resident policies, community maintenance, leasing and sales techniques, marketing communities, taxes, insurance, financial management, business planning, physical asset management, federal laws and fair housing law. 

NOTE: To those who have taken courses previously but not yet attained your ACM® designation, please see the note at the bottom of this page.

Contact Lee Krinzman at to schedule a class today. Community owners, managers and others in key management roles within a community may attend classes in any state. 


Upcoming Classes

July 17-20, 2018: Course 1 — Professional Community Management to be held in Florida. Contact Beth Loftus at
August 14-16, 2018: Course 2 — Advanced Community Management to be held in Florida. Contact Beth Loftus at

If you are on the fence on whether to invest in the courses for your employees and yourself, then here are the course outlines for Course 1 and Course 2.

In ACM® Course 1 – Professional Community Management, you will be covering:
Chapter 1             Overview of Property Management
Chapter 2             Setting Community Management Policies
Chapter 3             Understanding Market Issues
Chapter 4             Leasing Homes/Home Sites
Chapter 5             Resident Relations and Resident Policies
Chapter 6             Communications
Chapter 7             Rents:  Payments, Collections, Increases
Chapter 8             Maintenance
Chapter 9             Personnel Policies and Procedures
Chapter 10           Federal Laws

In ACM® Course 2 – Advanced Community Management, topics you’ll discuss:
Chapter 1             The Budget Process
Chapter 2             Analyzing the Community Financially
Chapter 3             Insurance
Chapter 4             Taxes and Assessment
Chapter 5             The Physical Asset
Chapter 6             The Operations Manual
Discussion            From the Course to Real Life

Thanks to the Blair Group, the courses will once again be held at Cypress Lakes, 10000 US Hwy. 98 North, Lakeland, FL 33809

If you would like to schedule an in-person course to be held by your company, or in your state, please contact Lee Krinzman – or 703-558-0654 for more information.

If you’ve never taken an ACM® course, you will start with Course 1, followed by Course 2.  After you’ve successfully completed both courses and passed both tests, you may apply for the ACM® designation.

Experience requirements for Course 1 include 0 years in the industry.  Experience requirements for Course 2 include 2 years in the industry.

NOTE: If you’ve previously taken an ACM® course(s) and want to receive the ACM® designation, then you will need to do the following:

  • If you’ve successfully completed ACM® 101, or both ACM® 101 and 201, you’ll need to take Course 2, pass the test and complete the in-class project.
  • If you’ve successfully completed ACM® 101, 201 and 301, but have not completed your business plan, you’ll need to take Course 2, pass the test and complete the in-class project.
  • If you’ve completed ACM® 101, 201 and 301, but have not completed your business plan, you can still submit your business plan to MHEI and then apply for the ACM® designation, if you prefer not to take an additional class.

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