Workforce Development Marketing Campaign Assets

Use this guide when creating your own elements (brochure, webpage, social media, etc.) for a marketing campaign. This document will give you a theme/slogan to use, messaging, career overviews, benefits of working in the industry, and job descriptions for manufactured home installers, manufactured home community managers, manufactured home production team members, manufactured home sales consultants and manufactured home transporters.

July 18, 2023

Manufactured Home Financing

The rules for financing a manufactured home can differ from those for…


Home Installer Video

30-second video that specifically talks about manufactured home installers.

Industry Jobs Video

Two-minute video that promotes the industry jobs available and the benefits of working in manufactured housing.

Web Ads

Web ads for use in many applications: websites, digital marketing, newsletters, etc.


Social Media

Social media ads that can be posted to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.