Manufactured Home Installation Guide – 2nd Edition

 By George Porter         $59 (includes shipping)

This book from MHI Press is designed as a training manual as well as a companion document to the manufacturer’s installation instructions. It contains more than one hundred photos and illustrations to help you understand the installation process. An independent testing organization, PSI, has developed an exam based on the book's content. Students who take MHI's Initial Installation Licensing course find this book complements the material covered in the course.

Renewing Your Manufactured Home Community

 By Donald C. Westphal, Craig E. White, Roderick P. Knoll                   $37 (includes shipping)

The book guides both experienced and novice community owners through the complex transformation of an older community into an attractive, desirable development that will increase both resident pride and the value of the community. The book takes the reader through the planning, construction and financing stages and illustrates how to achieve upgrading goals through an in-depth look at some successful renewal projects from around the country.

Follow the Rules: Frequently Asked Questions About Consumer Financing for Manufactured Home Community Operators

 By MHI         $20 (includes shipping)

This booklet takes a common sense approach to exploring the impact of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's rules on community operators.

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