ACM®   Courses

The ACM® program and designation will give you a comprehensive understanding of topics from federal and fair housing law to taxes, insurance, and physical asset management.

ACM® Course 1

In the Accredited Community Manager Course 1, Professional Community Management, you will learn how to set community management policies and understand market issues. The course also covers best practices for resident relations, including communications and handling rent payments, collections and increases. You’ll gain the knowledge you need about personnel policies and federal laws that govern manufactured home communities.

ACM® Course 2

In the Accredited Community Manager Course 2, Advanced Community Management, you’ll gain in-depth understanding of community financial analysis and the budget process. You’ll learn the facts about insurance, taxes and assessment. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to take your knowledge from the classroom to real life!

ACM® Course 1 and two years experience are prerequisites for ACM® Course 2

Course Outlines

ACM® Course 1 – Professional Community Management, Overview of Property Management
  • Setting Community Management Policies
  • Understanding Market Issues
  • Leasing Homes/Home Sites
  • Resident Relations and Resident Policies
  • Communications
  • Rents: Payments, Collections, Increases
  • Maintenance
  • Personnel Policies and Procedures
  • Federal Laws
ACM® Course 2 – Advanced Community Management
  • The Budget Process
  • Analyzing the Community Financially
  • Insurance
  • Taxes and Assessment
  • The Physical Asset
  • The Operations Manual
  • From the Course to Real Life
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Applying for your ACM designation

Upon successfully completing ACM 1 and ACM 2, be sure to apply for the ACM designation.

In-Person Courses

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