As the industry’s voice in Washington, MHI has been working to reduce regulatory burdens and improve access to financing.  Through ongoing engagement with the White House, HUD and our Congressional champions, MHI is changing the perception of manufactured housing among federal policymakers. Watch this video to see HUD Secretary Carson speaking positively about manufactured housing.

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MHI is the federal policy voice for all segments of the factory-built housing industry in Washington, D.C., serving as the industry’s advocate on federal and legislative matters. MHI exists to ensure the manufactured housing industry speaks as a unified voice in Washington.

Legislative and Regulatory Priorities

Officials in Washington make critical decisions every day that impact the manufactured housing industry. By engaging with federal agencies and Congress, MHI works to ensure policies are reasonable, cost effective, and do not pose burdens on consumers or stifle innovation.

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MHI Action Center

Join our campaign to promote the importance of manufactured housing to federal policymakers. Constituents like you can bolster MHI’s lobbying efforts and play an active role in shaping policies. The Action Center makes communicating with your Representative and Senators easy.

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MHI-PAC raises money to help elect and re-elect candidates to Congress who support the manufactured housing industry. Personal, voluntary contributions from eligible MHI members are pooled to provide a greater impact.

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