Professional Housing Consultant (PHC®) Designation Program

Selling Skills
This content is currently being revamped and will be available in 2019.


Manufactured Housing: An Industry Overview
This online course provides a broad overview of the manufactured housing industry, including its history, regulation and business practices. It is designed with the retail sales person in mind to make him or her knowledgeable about the industry and therefore more confident when interacting with consumers. In addition to retail sales personnel, new employees from all segments of the industry will gain a tremendous advantage by learning about the manufactured housing industry through this course.

Registration Fee: $99

Personal Property Financing – Increase Your Sales by Understanding the Lending Process
Sales people will sell more homes if they can effectively guide their customers through the lending process. This new online course from MHEI will help manufactured home retail sales professionals understand the complexities of manufactured home personal property finance. The course highlights the many factors that influence lending decisions that must be made at the retail sales center and by the lender.

Registration Fee $59

Land-Home and Mortgage Finance
This online course provides in-depth information about mortgage financing and its increasing use for financing manufactured homes. The course begins with a short history of how homes have traditionally been financed within the manufactured housing industry. The difference between a conforming and non-conforming mortgage is explained. Information is provided on the advantages and disadvantages of 15-year, 30-year and adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). Construction lending and the critical steps of staged funding are also highlighted. Also included is information on builder’s risk insurance, private mortgage insurance, escrow accounts, HUD-1 Settlement forms, FHA loans, RESPA requirements and how to properly classify manufactured homes as real property.

Registration Fee: $69