MHI developed this interactive map to inform members about the impacts of land use and zoning decisions on manufactured housing at state and local levels.

Currently, the map utilizes the following principal data sources:

  • U.S. Census Bureau data about demographics, manufactured housing, and median gross rent.
  • The National Longitudinal Land Use Survey (NLLUS) by the Urban Institute.
  • Residential Land-Use Regulation Survey from the Zell/Lurie Real Estate Center of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Survey of state manufactured housing laws conducted by DJ Pendleton, Executive Director, Texas Manufactured Housing Association; and MHI staff.
  • State laws designed to provide for the development of manufactured housing communities and sites are delineated on a three-point scale. Dark purple indicates a strong state law allowing manufactured housing, light purple provides some protection against discriminatory zoning, and gray states do not have any state laws providing for manufactured housing.

When you hover over the state it will provide the text of the state law if one exists. By clicking on a state, you can obtain state racial and income data, and percentage of manufactured housing within the state. By clicking on a county, you will find county level demographic data, as well as lot size information, if available.

This map is intended to be an “evergreen” resource that will be updated with additional levels of data. MHI is currently working to include information on housing affordability at both a state and county level. We welcome suggestions for additional data sources that could add to the usefulness of the map. Please email

If you have any issues viewing the below map, click here.