The Manufactured Home Community Lender/ Broker of the Year was awarded to Yale Realty & Capital Advisors.


Yale Advisors remains committed to supporting MH community owners through economic uncertainty, dedicating efforts to finding innovative solutions amidst market fluctuations and rising interest rates.

The team delivered profitability advisory and strategic planning analysis services across 300 properties nationwide. Over 1,800 visits were made to clients’ communities, showcasing commitment to personalized support. Despite reduced industry volumes, Yale spent 10% more time guiding clients, emphasizing dedication during challenging times.

Yale Advisors is an active participant in over 75 industry associations, demonstrating our deep involvement and commitment to the MH industry. Throughout the year, their team attended 36 conferences, engaging with industry peers, and staying abreast of the latest developments and trends. In 2023, their team of advisors conducted over 300 strategic valuations for clients, offering crucial insights during the rapidly changing capital markets landscape. Amidst dramatic shifts, their real-time, data-driven analyses empowered clients to navigate uncertainty. This reflects their dedication to excellence and steadfast support, helping clients not only survive but thrive in a challenging environment.

Redefining Support: Guiding Clients Through Uncertainty

In 2023, their advisors recommitted to supporting community owners and industry affiliates. The Capital Markets division expanded, providing guidance to their clients through uncertain markets while maintaining volume. Our Equity division, unique in its sole focus on the MH industry, fosters growth by educating investors, attracting new groups, and encouraging capital flow, their advisors recommitted to supporting community owners and industry affiliates. During significant property value declines Yale remained a single source shop, offering refinance options and equity solutions to clients when sales were not viable. Despite these challenging times, Yale intensified efforts to continue to promote development and advocate for increased investment in the asset class.

Active Engagement: Strengthening the Fabric of the MH Community

Yale Advisors actively participates in industry events and initiatives, sharing valuable insights and expertise with community owners and operators. They remain engaged in regional markets, providing professional insight, advisory, and support to those navigating the complexities of the MH industry. Additionally, they facilitate connections between services, operators, and resources nationwide.

Promoting Industry Excellence: Championing Community Conversations

Through articles, events, and panel discussions, Yale Advisors actively promotes industry excellence and celebrates shared passions within the MH community. They are dedicated to sharing relevant industry news and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation within the MH industry. Furthermore, their platform content extends their outreach, disseminating critical industry developments and insider knowledge to assist owners and investors in navigating the complexities of the market.

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