Five Reasons to Support MHI-PAC

1.  Your MHI-PAC dollars go farther. We combine your support with that of hundreds of other members, giving our industry a larger budget for support. Every dollar you contribute goes directly to help candidates for the House and Senate.

2.  MHI-PAC, by law, can provide more support to candidates than can individuals directly.

3.  MHI-PAC’s track record of picking “winners” is outstanding. In the 2016 elections, over 97 percent of the candidates who received MHI-PAC support and who were running in the U.S. House and Senates races were elected.

4.  MHI-PAC focuses its support on key lawmakers who are most likely to shape the issues that affect our industry.

5.  We handle all the paperwork for you, including all the reporting to the Federal Election Commission.