The 2024 Leadership in Sustainability was awarded to Clayton Home Building Group.

Incorporating environmentally responsible business practices is at the heart of Clayton’s value to drive change. A company-wide focus on sustainability is woven throughout their culture and into their daily operations. That focus informs the way they build, the homes we build and the future they build. Environmentally responsible waste management practices, a focus on cutting emissions and using renewable energy, the most energy-efficient homes they’ve ever built, and meaningful philanthropic partnerships all affirm their commitment to sustainability at Clayton Home Building Group.

2023 Progress
15,294 eBuilt® Homes

25,614 ENERGY STAR® homes

97.2 million lbs. of waste diverted from landfills

1.19 million trees planted

165 new hybrid vehicles

1.8 MW of solar installed

In 2023, they modernized their home transport operations with 165 new hybrid vehicles, reducing their company’s greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing the fuel efficiency of their pilot vehicle fleet.

In 2023, they broke ground on four new solar power systems, bringing 1.8 megawatts of solar power online in Tennessee and Arizona. These systems provide renewable power to support their homebuilding and corporate operations at Clayton’s home office, Clayton Rutledge, Clayton Bean Station and Clayton Buckeye.

As a substantial step toward making their facilities more energy efficient, in 2023 they upgraded all their operating facilities with more efficient LED lighting and ecobee smart thermostats – completing retrofits at 84 manufacturing and supply facilities, distribution centers, and offices across the country.

Conserving Resources

All 40 Clayton Home Building Group home building facilities and 18 supply facilities are ISO® 14001:2015 certified, with established programs to continuously improve environmental performance. Their ISO program emphasizes three strategic sustainability areas: reduce waste, increase energy efficiency across our operations and reduce water consumption. Uniting behind common objectives sparks innovations in sustainability.

Clayton Addison’s recycling percentage increased by 2,432% in 2023 compared to the year before. Team members in the new hire training program at the facility use scrap building materials to build items like hope chests for women who graduate recovery programs or leave abusive situations to store their belongings.

Adjustments to the product line at Clayton Fort Worth saved 945,000 gallons of water in 2023 compared to the previous year.

Clayton Bonham achieved a remarkable 98.95% waste diversion percentage in 2023.

They diverted more than 48,600 tons of materials from landfills through recycling efforts alone. 48,600 tons is the equivalent of over 388,000 residential-sized garbage cans (96 gallon) full of materials not going to the landfill.

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