The Retail Sales Center West Winner was awarded to Homes Direct of Oregon LLC.

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest lies a beacon of innovation and excellence in the realm of model home centers. Homes Direct of Millersburg, Oregon stands as a testament to the fusion of quality, creativity, and customer-centricity, setting a standard unmatched by any other retailer in the western region. With 25 fully decorated and environmentally set model homes on display, complemented by a host of unparalleled amenities and services, they have earned their place as the premier destination for new home shopping. Nowhere else offers such broad selection and experience at one location.

At the core of their distinction lies their extensive collection of 25 fully decorated model homes. Each meticulously designed dwelling serves as a showcase of modern elegance, functionality, and sustainability. From cozy cottages to spacious family abodes, their diverse range caters to the varied needs and preferences demanded by clientele west of the Rockies. Furthermore, their commitment to innovative design is reflected in every aspect of their homes, employing high-end amenities like tile showers, 9’ tall ceilings, luxurious baths, and a plethora of exterior designs and details.

Beyond the mere display of homes, they offer a unique and immersive customer experience that sets them apart. Visitors are welcomed into a world of inspiration and possibility, guided by their experienced sales staff who possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Whether one seeks guidance in home selection, customization options, or financing solutions, their team is dedicated to providing personalized assistance.

Moreover, their proximity to the factory adds an invaluable dimension to their customer experience. Offering guided tours of their manufacturing facilities, they invite guests to witness firsthand the solid construction and care that goes into every home they produce. This transparency not only instills trust and confidence in their brand but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the quality and precision of their manufacturing processes.

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